No industry, no organisation remains unaffected by digitisation. The pressure within the company is increasing, adapting processes to the new requirements. BeOne relies on a successful interaction of processes, information technology, and organization. One focus of our activities is the digitization of the manufacturing industry, also known as Industry 4.0.

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    Process modeling
    We adapt processes and re-model them
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    We integrate the processes into new or existing IT landscapes
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    Change Management
    We advise and support companies in this change process
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The basis for process optimisation is the right platform

The development of IoT applications in companies is the big challenge in digital transformation. With Mendix, BeOne offers you the leading low code platform for faster application development, faster go-live and faster success.

Digitalisation has a home!

Mendix is the solution that allows you to create easily business critical software products with low coding. From business applications that allow factories to run smoothly to simple tools that help you save time.

Applications are deployed within a few days for faster results. Mendix offers everything needed to design, build, integrate, test, deploy and manage large-scale enterprise applications.

We help you create applications that make a difference today!

In process management we distinguish between standardized and adaptive processes.

Standardized processes

In Business Process Management (BPM), also known as Business Process Management (GPM), we focus on the transparency of corporate activities in order to uncover potential and optimize processes with the help of IT.

An IT rollout is often preceded by a project phase in which business processes are standardized. In this phase we also provide our customers with operational support, including the preparation of project schedules, planning and implementation of workshops or process modelling.

We accompany the implementation of the processes intensively and pass on our knowledge to the employees.

Example financial service provider

Europe-wide standardization of business processes

Adaptive processes

Particularly in the environment of Industry 4.0 with a wide variety of process variants, modeling methods such as BPMN 2.0 or event-process chains with a rigid sequence sequence reach their limits. In contrast to classic BMP, Adaptive Case Management (ACM) focuses on the case rather than the process. Each case has a defined goal that can be achieved in different ways depending on the situation.

Those involved in the process are no longer “trapped” in linear process chains. They can make decisions flexibly according to the respective situation and initiate the next processes or process steps. Each step in the process is complete and sufficiently documented for your certifications.

In this way, the logical chains of adaptive, highly dynamic processes can be mapped and automated. Your company can react dynamically to changing requirements – in company and production processes.

Example jewellery industry

Process modeling for dynamic machine utilization

Digitalization of production and all upstream and downstream processes

We equip our customers for the future

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 demand transparent and dynamic business processes throughout the entire product life cycle: from the configuration of individual products (small batches, single items) to their production in globally networked, cyber-physical systems and the operation of new business models in service.

We combine our many years of engineering experience with process competence and production know-how.

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The focus is on the following topics digital factory and Product Lifecycle Management, which are mutually dependent or complementary.

Digital Factory

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    The digital factory provides us with the image of a real factory with its structures, processes and resources.
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    Building data, materials handling technology, product, plant engineering, logistics, line equipment and people are mapped virtually.
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    This enables us to analyse, optimise and simulate your production, logistics and work processes using digital models, methods and tools.

The digital factory ensures transparent and consistent production, creates the basis for flexible and reliable production planning (product variants, small batch sizes) and serves as a basis for decision-making in the event of short-term production changes (malfunctions, failures).

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) ensures the continuous availability of product data throughout the entire product development process. This ensures the continuous information process from development through production to service:

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    Products are clearly identifiable and can be located at any time.
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    They know their history, their current and future condition.

Product diversity, different versions and non-uniform data formats increase the complexity of product data management. Together with our customers, we take up existing processes and model them according to current and future requirements. Interfaces to CAD, ERP and MES systems must be taken into account as well as used or planned technologies such as virtual reality.

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A few examples of our expertise in process consulting and industry 4.0

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Example automobile manufacturer
Construction of a digital factory
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Example jewellery industry
Introduction of the MES-level
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Example automobile manufacturer
Provision of virtual modules
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Example wind turbine manufacturer
Process management in PLM
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Example automobile manufacturer
Digital Factory: Implementation
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Example Aviation
Version management galley

Your contact person

Welcome to the people behind BeOne

Mathias Schulze
Senior Consultant
Mobil +49 151 11 35 49 03

Get in touch with us and find out more,

  • how we optimize your business processes,
  • how we support you operationally in the rollout phase,
  • how we model adaptive processes in Industry 4.0 projects
  • how you can discover your potential in our Industry 4.0 Workshop or with the help of our Demo Factory,
  • how frontloading can be used to detect errors in production at an early stage and thus reduce planning risks, and how optimizations in terms of lean production can be planned in advance in the digital factory,
  • which difficulties we could observe when using different IT systems,
  • what measures we have taken to promote communication and cooperation across departmental boundaries.

Our further competences

Together, our competencies result in Digital Operations!

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Engineering & Certification
As an engineering service provider, we also combine our know-how with process management.
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The digital world communicates and we create networking between machines!
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