The digital world communicates: Always on!

The basis for communication between machines (M2M) is their networking. With networked machines, existing processes can be made more efficient (Industry 4.0) or new business areas are created (IoT – Internet of Things).

But the best solution is only as good as the availability of its application allows.

Our IoT-Services

Low-code application development
SIM card management and security
The right network technology

Low code application development

The development of IoT applications in companies is the big challenge in digital transformation. With Mendix, BeOne offers you the leading platform for faster application development, faster go-live and faster success.

Digitalisation has a home!

Mendix is the solution that allows you to create easily business critical software products with low coding. From business applications that allow factories to run smoothly to simple tools that help you save time.

Applications are deployed within a few days for faster results. Mendix offers everything needed to design, build, integrate, test, deploy and manage large-scale enterprise applications.

We help you create applications that make a difference today!

SIM card management and security

Do you need connectivity for a new product or service? Are you planning to use SIM cards? We support you in the introduction of connectivity management up to the operational stage and also offer the only worldwide IoT-SIM with signalling security.

BeOne takes care of your SIM card management

Our team has valuable project experience and a high level of expertise in SIM card management. We offer holistic consulting in creating the structural conditions on your side and the necessary interfaces to the mobile network operator (MNO).

Would you like to place the operational management of your SIM cards in experienced hands? As a single point of contact for the MNO (Mobile Network Operator / mobile phone provider), we offer you independent and established service management for SIM card-supported applications. From provider management and 1st & 2nd level support to invoice management and reporting. We enable our customers the highest possible availability of their services!

IoT SIM card with signalling security

Applications supported by SIM cards can be found today in networked cars, for communication between machines or even just on company mobile phones. And so the subject of data security via the cellular network is becoming increasingly important. As the exclusive ZARIOT sales partner, BeOne offers the only global IoT and M2M SIM card with signalling security.

The ZARIOT IoT SIM card uses a signalling firewall to block threats such as denial-of-service, location tracking or data interception. In combination with a VPN and an APN block, the solution offers comprehensive protection from the end device to the server or your company’s cloud.

We help you with SIM card management and security!

The right technology for your network with LoRaWAN and WLAN


You want e.g. Network your industrial hall. We help you to set up a LoRaWAN, a Long Range Wide Area Network. The technology developed for use in the IoT environment enables the energy-efficient transmission of data over long distances.

With LoRaWAN you can manage several hundred sensors within a network and process data. The sensors can e.g. Measure the room climate with temperature, humidity or CO2 pollution or record machine parameters (power consumption, number of pieces, etc.).

The great advantage of LoRaWAN compared to other wireless technologies is the low power consumption and the high range, which in practice is up to 5km outdoors and up to 500m in buildings.

WiFi network with maximum performance

Whether on the plane, bus or train, in a shopping centre, hotel or airport. The implementation of a high-performance WiFi network is becoming increasingly important. The demands of users are constantly growing and the desire for a reliable, uninterrupted WLAN is growing.

Make your WiFi network intelligent

Maximise wireless performance for each connected user. Galgus’ Cognitive Hotspot technology (CHT™) optimises efficiency for WiFi access points and routers, increasing performance up to five times. Thanks to CHT software, your APs become intelligent, exchange information, automatically manage wireless resources and optimise the performance of the entire network.

CHT™ is a cross-platform, hardware-independent software that can be installed on a variety of WiFi devices.

We help you to implement the right technology for your network!


A few examples of our expertise in IoT services

Image module
Example Property industry

Workflow Management System based on Mendix application platform

Image module
Example automobile manufacturer

Connectivity tests
of online services

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Connectivity tests of online services

2nd level support to ensure vehicle connectivity

Your contact person

Welcome to the people behind BeOne

Muhanad Chihabi
Senior Consultant
Mobil +49 152 37 96 94 84

Our team creates CONNECTIVITY!

Our Connectivity Team has specialized in “Connectivity Management as a Service”. This development is based on many years of experience from consulting projects in the IoT and M2M environment, in which connectivity has proven to be a critical element in the use of networked machines.

Together with our customers from the automotive, aviation and renewable energy sectors, we have developed services to realize our vision of “Always on”. Today, our team manages more than 1 million SIM cards and related services worldwide as a “single point of contact” for various customers and their MNOs.

Our further competences

Together, our competencies result in Digital Operations!

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Process optimization
We adapt the processes to the requirements, whether for standardized or adaptive processes.
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Engineering & Certification
As an engineering service provider, we also combine our know-how with process management.
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